Allan Wade

1 dags workshop

In Dignity:

Violence, Resistance and the Power in Language, Allan Wade, Ph.D.

Violence is the most urgent problem of our times and the most challenging for forensic and human services personnel. The quality of responses from professionals and social networks is closely associated with outcomes in specific cases; the likelihood of disclosure, conviction rates, sentencing patterns, cooperation with authorities, measures of distress and the success of treatments for victims and offenders.

In this training, Dr. Wade will focus on the nature of violence and resistance, the connection between different forms of violence, the role of language in forensic and human services settings (law enforcement, child protection, court proceedings, criminal codes, media reports), forensic and therapeutic interviewing, and the role of “social responses”. He will also present examples of innovative projects to improve the quality of social responses in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Allan Wade, Ph.D. works as a family therapist and psychologist with a primary interest in addressing violence and promoting socially just forensic and social services work. He is an internationally recognized expert on interpersonal violence, microanalysis of social interaction, and the connection between violence and language.  He and his colleagues at the Centre for Response-Based Practice conduct original research and analysis on social responses by state institutions, such as courts, specialized panels, police, child protection authorities, and others. They also provide direct services to individuals and families where violence is at issue. For many years, Dr. Wade has served as an advocate and consultant for Indigenous peoples, especially in the Canadian north